Free service of decoding any VIN number. Here you will be able to look up and check any car history in seconds.
Service provides a universal VIN decoding. Vehicle Identification number contain the main details avbout a vehicle: make, year, model, type of engine, country and more. It is not a secret that VIN decoding and verifying is a reasonable way to find out more about the used car one intends to purchase. At least with the purpose to find out if the car has not been stolen, hardly damaged or illegally modified. VIN number format, implemented by the ISO, is recognized all around the world. And any vehicle manufacturer indicates the VIN considering the worldwide format. Using the online service to decode a VIN is a simple and fastest way to get car history report, including required car parts search. VIN decoder providing vehicle history report, contains a guide to check vehicle market value.

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  • What is VIN? VIN is an exclusive and unique code, consisting of 17 symbols, both numbers and letters. VIN number symbols contain the most important vehicle details, like make, year of production, type of engine and others.
  • What is VDS? VDS is a 6 symbols code which is a description of the vehicle`s characteristics. VDS code information includes vehicle model, type of engine, type of body and additional features.
  • What is VIS? VIS contains 8 signs. The VIS first sign is the VIN 10th sign and it indicates vehicle year. The following sign (2nd and VIN`s 11th) confirms the manufacturer plant of the vehicle.
  • What is WMI? A 3 symbol code is called WMI. This code identifies the vehicle manufacturer.